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Our passion for IT

Join an innovative and ambitious team who works on projects that make sense for our engineers, our company and the wider community. To ensure that each project is aligned with our raison d'être, "Making code useful", we are committed to the United Nations' SDGs.

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Make the code useful...

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Useful to every member of our staff. We ensure that every project is an opportunity to grow and to be proud of coding for meaningful customer applications.
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Useful to our company, Key Consulting. We commit to the dual focus of both the highest level of quality and efficiency that we are known for.
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Useful to our communities and broader ecosystem. We opt for structuring projects in line with today's major transition issues (environmental, societal, etc.).
Young creative workers

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Contact us, we're recruiting our new engineers

We recruit throughout the year Software Engineers, as well as Project Managers, Business Developers, etc.

Our recruitment process: with over 20 years' experience in recruiting IT profiles, our candidates undergo a rigorous selection process, based on an assessment of their knowledge (both technical and behavioral) in relation to our strategic capabilities.

Key Consulting is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We prohibit discrimination and harassment of any kind based on age, race, gender, religion, pregnancy, marital status and family responsibilities, or disability. This policy aims to ensure fair treatment to all and applies to all employment practices within our organization.

01 Job interview

1st interview with our Talent Acquisition team: we discuss motivation and common interests to understand who you are and what you do.

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2nd interview with our technical specialists: we dig deeper on what you have done in your missions and projects to evaluate how you could handle best our clients' IT challenges.

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3rd interview with your future manager: we discus how we could work together in the future.


Closing: we provide you with an answer, whatever is the outcome of the hiring process.

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Our promise

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Cultivating our passion for IT means ensuring that everyone is free to put forward an idea. Our management team at Key Consulting is there to act as an echo chamber for any initiative and to allow collective decision-making to take place. The ‘skills’ authority of our Tech Leads comes from the fact that the power is in the hands of those who know not only how to guide technological choices but also how to share knowledge.
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HR support is provided regularly throughout the year, with regular check-ins that allow you to take a step back and reflect on your career plans. Deep listening is a must to support, offer guidance and advice. Each employee is a player in their own learning, training and career path, thanks to a portfolio of personalised role models.
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Don't feel like doing the same thing every day? Well, neither do we! In the age of digital transformation, it's essential to embrace as many dimensions of our IT services business as possible. Technological stacks, useful coding, customer relations... our strategic capabilities offer a permanent learning ground. To help us move forward, a feedback culture is at the heart of our approach.
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Investing on collective intelligence means deciding to devote "unstaffed" time to think together about technological stacks, methodologies, etc. Internal conferences, meetup feedback, demonstrations... Key Consulting invites you to take part in events.
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As a company’s performance is based on the motivation of each and every employee, guaranteeing well-being is a critical point. To enable everyone to fulfil their potential, it is essential to offer a learning, supportive and inclusive working environment.
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Because we aspire to put our best resources at the service of our social and environmental transitions, we focus on winning projects from customers who are themselves committed to the United Nations’ 17 SDGs.
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We have chosen to offer a hybrid approach that combines the ease of working from home with the richness of face-to-face exchanges. Our approach is to go and find the skills where they are! Did you know that all our agencies were born out of the desire to follow our employees’ decisions to work elsewhere?
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Our business model is based on a cluster of agencies in France and abroad. Every day, we are enriched by the diversity of our engineers and IT trends on different continents. We encourage intercultural collaboration and train our engineers to make the most of it.
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Our HR policy, based on versatility and autonomy, encourages a variety of paths: Technological, Sales, Management. Not only does it allow you to develop at your own pace, but also to take on more and more responsibilities in our organization.

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