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\ Purpose and Positionning \

From purpose to action

From the purpose to the actions... Our purpose, "To make the code useful" is at the intersection of People/Prosperity/Planet, and guides our decisions and actions, giving them coherence and meaning.

Raison d'être or Greenwashing... ? To stay true to ourselves and not being trapped in trendy words, numerous meet ups and discussions have been organized with our employees. That is how emerged the will to focus and collaborate on sustainable transition. Already present for a majority of us, we have put the words on our common aspirations.

"Our common aspiration is to be willing to take part in our sustainable transition. As a consequence, our raison d'etre is what we want to collaborate towards." Arnaud Capdupuy, CEO

\ Purpose and Positioning \


Passion for IT, autonomy, versatility.
Alignment of the Key Consulting ecosystem around the SDGs.
Flat hierarchies, trust and collaboration spirit.
Career Progression
Individual coaching for personalised support, portfolio of Strategic Capabilities and Role Models.

\ Purpose and Positioning \


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Aligning Technology & SustainabilityOur SGD engagement is at the core of our business model.

“Join us in making, together, the code useful“

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